1. Manager Cutting, Sewing, Finishing areas in production floor. 
Managing the overall production activities which include productivity improvement, cost control, headcount ratio control and material utilization.
2. Developing production strategies that support overall company objectives e.g. shorter production runs/frequent changeovers to improve customer service and lower inventory/working capital.
3. Establishing systems and procedures and an effective monitoring system especially on production related issues.
4. Ensuring adherence to 5S, Health and Safety standards.
5. Managing, directing and controlling all production activities in order to achieve the required level of cost, quality, and delivery lead time.

The ideal candidate should be an outstanding technical and managerial individual who has the capability of not only discharging his/her line responsibility to their complete satisfaction but also in playing a leading role in the future development and expansion of the Group.
• A minimum of 10 years of successfully progressive general management experience in a multi-facility manufacturing operation in the textile and apparel field.
• Strong leadership skills with a ‘hands-on’, ‘roll-up-the-sleeves’ and ‘get on with it’ attitude.
• A solid understanding and appreciation for progressive management techniques, technical ‘know-how’ and innovation.
• Ability to manage and coordinate production activities and to delegate effectively where necessary.
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